MAP “FLOODED TOWN” (V14.08.19)
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Mod MAP “FLOODED TOWN” for Spintires: MudRunner (V14.08.19)

The village was flooded when the river broke through the dam. All the villagers have left, but the sawmills in the hills are still working.
This village is an important part of our logging operations in the area, and we intend to restore it after dam repair and water retreat. Meanwhile, the ships with the forest are still arriving. We built a temporary pier and a bridge way there.

Your task: to deliver the logs from the ship to the sawmills.

Card Features:
- The garage and gas stations in the area are under water, so do not expect repairs or refueling at these places. You should find what you need in the trailers provided, but if you need, take with you any abandoned trailers that you find in the city.
“We set up a car storage location near the south lighthouse so that you can find several vehicles for transporting logs there.”
“You must find a truck crane at the entrance to the temporary bridge.” Return it when finished. Please do not leave trucks on a bridge or temporary berth between crew shifts.

On the map:
- 3 sawmills;
- 1 loading point;
- 5 points of intelligence;
- 1 car at the start.

Credits: AngusBurger


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