Map «3 thresholds» (v18/05/21)
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map of the 3 rapids. playable on the default technique (checked on the ural-432010 blue def 4 points and the crash-255 dissolution of 6 points) can take and fashion cars!
on the map:
2 garages (closed)
6 saws
2 refills
2 random goats for loading: 1 simple and 1 auto-loading for the arcade.
15 points of exploration
at the start of 3 cars (you can change) + 4 auxiliary cars during the game.
on the map there are third-party objects !!! attention !!! there will be shipments.
possible shortage of fuel (but this depends on the mode on which you drive the forest). card, i think, not hard, so that you can skate without straining!
there are third-party objects

Credits: _witek69_


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