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Mod KRAZS TEST IN THE FOREST MAP for Spintires: MudRunner (V14.08.19)

The card with a closed garage and I must say a little complicated and has its own plot of passage. The plot is intended that you, on the road passing by, find an abandoned village, transfer to the truck you just found and repaired. Then repair the second and refuel. Then you need to find the road yourself and get to the abandoned military station where there is another truck with garage parts, etc. In principle, for each car or trailer there is a role and without a well-thought-out and balanced expenditure of resources, passing the map will fail. Therefore, be careful with the consumption of resources!
If you just want to ride, take hardy equipment.

The card was tested on default transport 21 times. In reality, you can even go through it on a single-bridge lawn, but this is not for everybody.
There are three difficult mud areas on the terrain, which over time become a real challenge for both the driver and equipment, steep climbs and descents, water obstacles.
Passage with long dissolutions and trailers is possible. It can also be loaded by crane or automatically.

To run the map, 4 DLCs are required: Valley, Ridge, American Wilds and Old-timers.

On the map:
- 2 garages (closed);
- 3 fuel stations;
- 20 intelligence points;
- 1 lumbering + 2 loading points + 3 random loading points;
- 13 sawmills;
- 4 cars + 2 slots for cars (replaceable).

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.

The card is designed for 8-16 hours of play.
This will have to spend about 4,000 liters of fuel and go from 60 to 90 km through forests, rivers and roads. And all this only at KrAZ.

Credits: OzonFREY-


Dowload43.6 MB

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