Edge 2 Map
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Mod Edge 2 Map for Spintires MudRunner

Decided to make a sequel to part 1. This part of the larger area. About the roads: swampy, paved and unpaved, not everywhere there are hook points, so be careful and try to avoid rocking the car, always keep an eye on where the front wheel goes and where the rear wheels go.

The river is shallow, but with a maximum flow rate, there are no hook points along the water, and it will not be difficult to get into it. Made in one version, so who wants to quickly go through and forget, the card is not for you, not everyone can handle so many sawmills. You can try to go on a monodrive, but not the default one, since the standard will not pull the rises.

There are 8 garage points on the map. On the screenshots Zil 164. I warn you right away, the standard UAZ does not fit everywhere (some bridges) on the track.

- Size: 800x800;
- Garage: 1 (closed);
- Sawmills: 9;
- Refueling: 2;
- Intelligence points: 7;
- felling: 1;
- Loading point: 3;
- Random loading: no;
- Vehicles at the start: 5;

Credits: KJIAccuk



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