Big River 2 Map v1.0 for SpinTires: MudRunner
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Big River 2 Map v1.0 for SpinTires: MudRunner game. Info about the mod: A great addition added to the game Spintires MudRunner is Big River 2 Map for v29.01.18 game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category maps for Spintires or go to the main section Spintires games. On the map: 1 Garage (Open) 1 Fuel station 2 Loading points 1 Loading logs 4 Sawmills 4 Intelligence points 4 Slots for your car + 4 Auto on the map + 4 Auto randomized Installing the map: - Download mod map "Big River 2 Map" and unpack. - Transfer the received folder Media to the folder with the game, agreeing with the replacement of files. - Go to the Appdata / Roaming folder and delete the Spintires folder, thus clearing the cache (It is not always necessary). - We start the game and play. Install: Move the folders billboards, classes, levels, meshes and textures to the archive in the root folder of the game or in the Media folder Tested on game version v29.01.18 alternative: 

Credits: volgin136


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