UAZ 452.3741 loaf version 1.1 (v14.08.19)
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Mod UAZ 452.3741 loaf version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19)

Added a second trunk for the UAZ-3741 with its wheels.
The ability to carry cargo on the trunk.
Added trailer for transporting logs.
License plates added.

UAZ-452 (3741) or, as it is commonly called by the people, “Loaf” is a unique example of “longevity” and people's love of the car for the Russian automobile industry. All-wheel drive "Loaf" for more than half a century serves people. Having preserved the design of the 60s, the “Loaf” is an indispensable means of transportation both in the Russian regions and in the countries of the Near and Far Abroad. People’s love for “Loaf” is truly ubiquitous in different parts of the world. In Russia, the car is appreciated for its versatility and super-terrain.

The mod has:
- 2 of its + 1 standard add-on;
- various animations;
- their goods.

Credits: chekhrak


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