Volvo F16 Globetrotter v1.0.0.1
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This is an improved version of the Volvo F16 from Platinum Expansion for the FS22. You don't have to have DLC to run this mod. This mod currently includes 1 truck. The main characteristics were not touched.

What's done: added realistic suspension animation, opening doors and windows, fog lights and cabin lighting, as well as several minor changes.

Mods support (recommended):
- Interactive Control
- Vehicle Sleeper Cab

Attention! This F16 is now a rear-wheel drive truck, not an all-wheel drive one. Please avoid driving them over rough terrain. The center of mass and the tire coupling parameters also correspond to reality. If it is attached to a semi-trailer with a backward-facing center of mass or with a high coefficient of tire friction, this will lead to insufficient traction of the wheels with the road.

In version
– Added customization of the cab, bumper color and working lighting;
– Some small adjustments.

Credits: HatsuneKid


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