Sisu Hooklift Pack v1.0.0.0
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A pack with a hook loader, which includes a Sisu hook loader, a container with a hook loader for wood chips and other bulk cargo, as well as a trailer for two containers with a hook loader.
It also works with some other containers.
Remember that the default detach button is CTRL+Q, it helps to detach the container from the trailer.

Sisu Hook Loader
- Price 180,000€-195300€
- Color options for the cab, frame, rolls and wheels

Container for hook loader
- Price 6500€-7500€
- Volume 28000L
- Color options

- Price 35000€-35500€
- Can hold two containers with a hook loader
- Lifting axles on the 3rd and 5th axes. turning the 6th axis
- Color options for the frame, wings and discs

Credits: MaanTieBanaani


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