MAZ-6516 Pack v1.2.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Two MAZ 6516 trucks - dump truck and with hook installation.
Modification Information:
- Price: from 102,000 euros
- Power: 400 - 430 hp
- Speed: 95 km/h
- Body volume: 20 000 - 30 000 liters
- Fuel tank: 460 liters

Choosing configurations:
- Engine selection
- Wheel selection
- Body selection
- Choice of cladding
- The choice of a visor for the body
- Selection of logos
- Choice of color scheme
- The choice of tuning.

In version
- Fixed the rear number (moved to another location);
- Added license plate and taillights, dimensions;
- Fixed manual transmission now speeds up both loaded and empty when automatically switching out of the game;
- The driver's right hand is now on the steering wheel (unfortunately, there is no way to register hand movements in the game, that is, two positions for each on the gearbox);
- Reduced the weight of the archive, thanks to cleaning using the Sir Sorcerer program;
- Updated the moddesk to version 80.

Credits: Trigada


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