MAZ 5551A2 Service truck v1.0.0.1
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Mod MAZ 5551A2 Service truck v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

The equipment is made on the basis of MAZ 5551А2 New from Serega56. I took a kung model from 19, translated the exterior, added headlights and a couple of decals. I didn't bother with animation.

On the left, there is a vehicle repair window with a corresponding icon; vehicle repair occurs in 4 stages. One costs $399. Vehicles are repaired automatically as soon as you get close to a trigger. The second refueling trigger is located at the box on the starboard side, there is a corresponding icon. Before use, it is necessary to fill a container with a capacity of 5000 liters of fuel.

Credits: Serega56


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