Kamaz Crane Galichanin 6x4 v3.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Modification of "Kamaz Crane Galichanin 6x4" for Farming Simulator 22. A fully working mod, there are no errors in the log.

Differences from the original:
The configuration of the crane structure has been completely redesigned (the second crane has been removed and everything is combined into one), the painting has been completely redesigned with the addition of a huge selection of colors, the crane weight has been completely redesigned - it can lift quite heavy loads without tipping over, suspension, walking, sound, engine, the crane boom has been redesigned - it can rise to a much larger angle + a smoother and predictable controls, redesigned lights, eliminated all the errors and flaws that were in the original fashion.
It can hook various beams and crane equipment, lift various loads, can tow trailers, can carry beams or various objects thanks to belts.

The author of the FS17 mod: ERAVGEN, Filin
Envelope in FS22: KOVSH, Schumi, MAPBEH  

In version
- The 3D model of the crane has been improved, the sound has been improved. A completely new animation of folding and unfolding the crane. Improved interaction of the crane with a set of 4 traverses.

Credits: ERAVGEN, Filin


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