Winton Machinery Pack v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Winton specializes in a range of PTO-powered attachments suitable for both subcompact and small tractors.
Rotary mowers with direct drive can handle overgrown grass, weeds, light shrubs and seedlings in pastures and paddocks.

Vinton VTM 110
- Price: $910
- Working width: 1.1 meters
- Working speed: 15 km/h
- Required power: 25 hp
- Weight: 175 kg

Vinton VTM 180
- Price: $1350
- Working width: 1.8 meters
- Working speed: 15 km/h
- Required power: 60 hp
- Weight: 385 kg

This Winton bale spike is ideal for transporting bales of hay, straw and silage.
Winton WBS01
- Price: $390
- Weight: 35 kg

Winton pallet forks have a fixed design, which makes them very durable and profitable.
Winton WPF500
- Price: $395
- Weight: 45 kg

Winton WPF750
- Price: $490
- Weight: 57 kg

Designed as a weeding machine, it has a sturdy sturdy frame and heavy sprung steel fingers.
Vinton LR5
- Price: 780$
- Weight: 126 kg
- Working width: 1.5 meters

Vinton LR6
- Price: $950
- Weight: 185 kg
- Working width: 1.8 meters

This weighting gives compact tractors increased stability and prevents the tractor from tipping over due to a front loader or a machine.
The cargo box can be opened and filled with 300 liters of stone, the stone can be unloaded onto the ground.
Winton WWB450
- Price: 600
- Weight: 100 kg
- Capacity: 300 liters

This trailer is ideal for moving a wide range of items around any household and is equipped with upgraded wide tires to cover the lawn.
The standard load capacity of the trailer is 1.5 tons. A pin or ball coupling device can be selected for attachment to small or compact tractors.
Winton WTL15
- Price: $2235
- Weight: 250 kg
- Load capacity: 1.5 tons

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