Trucks And Trailer With Pallet Autoload v1.0.0.1 1
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This mod includes two 4x4 trucks with bodies added to carry pallets. Both have support for automatic pallet loading from Achimobil. The mod also includes a trailer with pallet autoloading support. List of changes - fixed missing items The Tatra Phoenix 6x6 Agro-Truck is a six-wheeled truck and the MAN TGS18500 is an all-wheel drive truck, both should be able to get you anywhere on your farm. A multi-pallet platform has been added to both trucks. A Brantner DD24073 trailer is also included in the mod. This mod also requires Pallet Autoload to be downloaded and activated. Tatra Phoenix 6x6 Agro Truck: Price: 129.000 $ Power: 462 HP Maximum speed: 80 km/h MAN TGS18500: Price: 130.000 $ Power: 500 HP Maximum speed: 80 km/h Brantner DD 24073: Price: 39.650 $ Required mods: - Pallet autoloading specialization

Credits: Dogface


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