Reworked Profi Liner v1.0.0.0
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Mod Reworked Profi Liner v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

The right trailer for every task - the Krone Profi Liner offers the right trailer for every transport task. The Profi Liner is the ideal all-round tool.
Numerous configuration options have been added and a number of changes have been made to the base model.

Features and changes:
- Animated mud flaps
- Animated steering axle
- Redesigned taillights
- Revised color selection
- Numerous configurations [Current: 17st.]
- Adjustable lifting axle (left mouse button)
- Adjustable air suspension (right mouse button)
- Autoload (from Achimobil) (configuration can be selected)
- The trailer support and chassis are slightly lowered.

- Design (tarpaulin)
- Startup
- lighthouse light
- mud flaps
- bumper
- Rear left accessory
- Rear right accessory
- Middle left accessory
- Middle right accessory
- Sticker
- Chassis
- Base color
- Logo color
- Design color
- Chassis color
- Rim color
- License plate

Credits: BD_Modding


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