Landoll 845-AG Hauloll Series v1.0.0.0
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Mod Landoll 845-AG Hauloll Series v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022
Carry more with the Landoll Hauloll Lowboy. The new 845-AG Hauloll is designed to carry the heaviest equipment of today and tomorrow.
The 845-AG's 45-tonne loader capacity is designed to handle even the heaviest field tractors and shredders on the market today.
The 845E-AG has been carefully designed to handle heavy loads, making a trailer fitted as standard.
Heavy Duty Gooseneck with 36 "Flip Extension Attachments.
Model: Series 800 AG Hauloll
Capacity: 45 tons - 90,000 lbs.
Price: $ 119,900.
- Goosneck Flip Extension Bar
- Frame covers
- Wheel covers
- Flaps with physics
- Large size signs / flags
- Tire inflation system
- Purchased third axle - foldable
- Option with galvanized frame
- Landoll tires (255 / 70R 22.5)
- Alcoa and steel rims
- Digital air weighing system
- Suspension with realistic animation
- Neck height adjustment
- Side deck extensions
- Realistic lights, folding animation and particle system

Credits: Music Song


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