Fliegl trailer pack v1.1.0.1
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Mod Fliegl trailer pack v1.1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

This is a pack of Fliegl trailers known from LS 19 of my Fliegl transport pack.


hot fix:

If you set the tension belt orientation to "Left to Right" and saved it, then the forest platform was always active after loading the save. If you have an error and you have NOT saved the game, just replace the FS22_flieglTrailers.zip file. If you have saved, you must reconfigure the trailer.

Someone may have seen on Instagram that I converted a Fliegl trailer from my Fliegl transport pack from LS 19. Now it's time I can also make the trailers available to you. :upside_down_face:



Fliegl DK (threshing stool)

Fliegl TDK (tandem)

Fliegl MK (three-axle turntable)

Fliegl TMK (Tridem)

What can be customized on trailers?

Tires: Here you can select different tire configurations.

Hollow Color: Here you can set the color of the gutter.

Tarpaulin Color: Here you can specify the color of the tarpaulin.

Rim Color: Here you can set the color of the rim.

Wheel chock color: Here you can set the color of the wheel chocks.

Stair Color: Here you can set the color of the stair.

Special finishes: here you can choose between different finishes. Configurations: cabin color, body color, wheel chock color and ladder color are overridden!

Hand Tools: Here you can choose whether you want to have a broom, a shovel, or both on the structure.

Structure: Here you can choose one of the following configurations:

rack platform,

platform without racks,

platform with back wall,

Platform with right side wall, (New)

Additional plank walls

small front wall

Tension Belt Orientation: Only available if you selected: Platform with Posts, Platform without Posts, Platform with Back Wall, or Platform with Right Side Wall during assembly. This allows you to determine whether the tension straps should run from left to right or front to back. Front to back orientation is for round bales. Selecting this option overrides the configuration of the hand tools!

The tandem and tridem also have a configuration in which you can set the pivot leg manually or automatically. If this configuration is set to manual, then you must raise the pivot leg with [X] after attaching it. Then, of course, you must expand it with [X] before unhitching the trailer.

In addition, these two trailers also have a steered axle configuration. If you choose this, the axle is replaced and the trailer becomes slightly heavier.

All trailers also feature animated leaf wings! Thanks for this RepiGaming! Also on all trailers, wheel disks were replaced and BPW wheel hubs were installed.

You can find trailers in the shop under trailers.

This mod also includes my AddConfiguration.lua. Of course, you can also use them for your mods and publish them along with the script.

Credits: Ifko[nator]


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