Fliegl ASW 271 v1.0.1.2
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Mod Fliegl ASW 271 v1.0.1.2 for Farming Simulator 2022

Fliegl ASW 271 is ready for use all year round. With the appropriate configuration, a wide range of bulk materials can be transported or manure can be spread.
The push system has a high traction force and enables fast unloading of the Fliegl push trailer.
Foldable lip protection reduces contamination caused by residual quantities after unloading.

PLO 271 2100mm:

Price: 52.000 $
Capacity: 31,500 l

PLO 271 2300 mm:

Price: 57.000 $
Capacity: 38,500 l

Configuration options:
- Various tire manufacturers and sizes
- Choice of color for body and stickers
- Trailer or manure spreader (ASW 271 2100 mm)
- Warning stripes

List of changes
- added ASW 271 with hull 2300mm
- minor fixes
- added more wheel configurations

List of changes
- fixed effects visibility for both trailers
- added config for all black decal
- changed speed decal and optimized texture space usage

Credits: JuN3s


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