Fliegl ASW288 Schubboden Multi Trailer v1.0.0.9
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Mod Fliegl ASW288 Schubboden Multi Trailer v1.0.0.9 for Farming Simulator 2022

Fliegl ASW288 - 3-axle moving floor trailer, transfer wagon, manure spreader and silage trailer in one!

Correction, Artifact on the grain slider has been removed.
Wheel position (distance) optimized
Added Vredestein tires: 600 55 R26, 710 50 R26, 800 45 R26.
Chassis color selection
The back cover of the spreader is opened when working in the field and the spreader action is adjusted accordingly.

Fliegl ASW288 multi-purpose trailer with moving floor
Sliding floor - trailer with 46m3 optionally with and without hood
Silage trailer 54m3
Manure spreader with a spreading volume of 46 m3 and a spreading width of 24 m - "Precision farming is ready"
Transfer car with a volume of 44 m3
Drive axles
Signs and lighting
sound animation
Hollow color selection
Back cover color choice + 80s structure + same color sliding floor
Wheels in a choice of colors
The function "FillLimit" in the game is supported

Credits: Wobby


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