Adurante R200A Additional Features v1.4.1.0
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Mod Adurante R200A Additional Features v1.4.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2022
Price from: 18.000 $
- Trailer capacity up to: 45,000 liters
- Timber trailer
- Trailer for transporting 24 bales of any size and format with automatic loading and unloading
- Big-bag transport trailers "wheat, fertilizer, oats, lime, pig feed, seeds, road salt, barley, rapeseed, sorghum, sunflower, soybean, corn, mineral feed" with automatic loading and unloading.
- pallet trailer "liquid fertilizer, herbicide, silage additive" with automatic loading and unloading.
- Added Italian license plates, in addition to certain logos and yellow color, they have the characteristic of using a square license plate, called the "R" repeater, which will have the same content as the attached car.
- Added support for grease
- Added new realistic emptying mode. Information: to increase the amount of emptying, you must move forward and brake
- Added new dynamic emptying speed
- Updated Italian license plate.
- Fixed automatic bale loading.
- Added mixed loading for big bag pallets and liquid tanks.
- Added trailers in game missions.
Required mods:
- Addon Grease (Author: DD ModPassion)
- Adurante R200A (Author: DD ModPassion)

Credits: DD ModPassion


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