53' Dropdeck Trailer Pack With Autoload v1.1.0.3
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Mod 53' Dropdeck Trailer Pack With Autoload v1.1.0.3 for Farming Simulator 2022

53ft (16.15m) trailer with 4 configurable body styles

List of changes
*NOTE. This update is intended to replace the PC/Mac only version (FS22_dropdeckTrailer53Ft_AutoPack) and the all platform version (FS22_dropdeckTrailer53Ft_AutoPack_crossplay).
The automatic bale loading feature still works with all trailers in this package and will work on all platforms.
The log and pallet autoload functions will ONLY work with PC/Mac, because the FS22_UniversalAutoload mod is only required for these functions to work, but is NOT required for the bale autoload function or any other functions.

- Standard trailer price: $55,500.

Body configurations:
- Tipper body: price - 42,000 US dollars, volume - 106,625 liters.
- Add a dump truck cover - $1,000.
- A tank for liquid transportation. - $15,000 Can carry all in-game liquids. (Milk, water, herbicide, slurry, digestate, liquid fertilizer and fuel)
- Add slurry and digestate spreader - 2500 USD for slurry and digestate spreader 24 meters wide.
- Log fork: $3,500 price (can easily carry 2 stacks of 8m logs)

- Frame, tipper, forestry forks, lid, liquid tank, tank trim and wheel rims can be color-selected.
- Additional rear hitch
- Hydraulically driven legs for heavy loads
- Turn signals flash in sequence for added effect
- Rear work lights for late agricultural nights

Tire configurations:
- Lizard Standard Dual, BKT Wide Flotation, Trelleborg T-404 Standard, Trelleborg T-404 Wide, Nokian Standard, Nokian Wide and Nokian Dual

- Bale capacity:
42 square bales of 1.8 meters
42 square bales of 2.2 meters
42 square bales of 2.4 meters
42 1.25m round bales
42 1.50m round bales
34 round bales of 1.80 meters
12 round bales of cotton
3 square bales of cotton

- Now you can automatically load pallets
- Pallet autoloader specialization mod (FS22_aPalletAutoLoader) is REQUIRED for pallet autoloader to work.

To use autoload, the "B" key starts and stops the download.
Then the "Y" key is to unload the bales with the left mouse button to place them in the right place or unload them directly onto the bed for manual unloading.
After uploading, you must press the "Y" key again to "reset" the autoload process for the next boot.

Credits: macktrucker921


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