16ft Bumperpull Trailer Landscape v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The 16-foot Bumperpull trailer is a compact and maneuverable trailer designed for use on farms. It has a sturdy frame, a tow bar attached to the bumper of the car, and an on-board platform for transporting goods. Here are some key features:

Size: The length of the trailer is about 16 feet, which makes it suitable for transporting small loads.
Trailed: As the name suggests, it connects to the bumper of a vehicle (for example, a pickup truck) using a ball coupling.
Side platform: There is enough space on the platform to carry items such as hay bales, logs or other agricultural equipment.
Versatility: Farmers can use this trailer for a variety of tasks, including moving harvested crops, delivering supplies, or transporting machinery.
Realism: In Farming Simulator 22, the trailer behaves realistically, affecting the handling and load capacity of the car.

Credits: Cajun Modding


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