Wall-E Autonomus MH v1.0.0.2 (1.13.x)
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Hello, what about a futuristic-looking autonomous tractor on your farm? Now this is possible thanks to a large and reliable tractor from the manufacturer BNL. The model recently introduced by the manufacturer promises economy and durability and is not only very beautiful.

- Price: 300,000 euros.
- Manufacturer: BNL
- Power: 500 hp
- Devil's Dragon
- Added color selection
- Various statuettes are mounted on the hood (provided by TaZ-Modding)
- Added side and front stickers.
- Added a license plate (now you can drive on the roads as well)
- Selection of the design for the installed front counterweight (the front counterweight has been replaced with a new one)
- A new Colli box is installed
- Hydraulic electrical connections are installed for all devices.
- Deer antlers and 3D font are installed (provided by TaZ-Modding)
- A three-point coupling is installed

- Farzeug now has 3 colors: top, middle and bottom (thanks to TaZ-Modding)
- Added a script for further color selection (thanks to Achimobil for the script and approval)
- Fixed steering and track running after a multi-user test using Autodrive Notes.
- Fixed the display of a 3-point mount on the front
- Various engine configurations are installed for electric and diesel engines.

Credits: Teufels_Drache


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