Valtra T120-T190 v1.0.0.1
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Mod Valtra T120-T190 v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022
List of changes:
- Fixed problems with the use of automatic transmissions
- Fixed UV display errors on the seat fabric.
- Fixed wear appearing on the hood and other plastic parts.
- Added new color options
- Added several missing decals
- Added Cow Edition (located in special configurations)
- The inner chamber has been moved to the middle of the tractor.
- Added crop sensors (precision farming)

Valtra introduced the first generation of the T series back in 2002. With their powerful 6-cylinder engines ranging from 120 to 210 hp (DIN), they are still popular and widely used in many countries.

Models: T120, T130, T140, T160, T170, T180, T190
Category: medium tractors
Power range: 120-210 hp
Base price: $100,000

- Color: Regular/metallic, special Claas color scheme, radiator grille color.
- Reverse gear control (Twin Trac)
- Front and rear fenders
- Wheeled loads
- Front hitch / front weight holder
- 500,000th Valtra Special Edition
- Signal lights
- Dashboard
- so on.

The doors and the rear window are opened with the mouse.

Credits: Farmari99


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