Steyr Terrus CVT 6300 Diesel/Methan v1.5.0.0
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Mod Steyr Terrus CVT 6300 Diesel/Methan v1.5.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Two different versions of the Steyr Terrus CVT 6300 with alternative drive types.

This time it's an update requested by the community.
(Update applies to both options, diesel and methane)

This update includes:
- Moddesc version corrected
- Added Trelleborg breastfeeding tires.
- Added "6300plus" engine option with 650 hp.
- Added Quicke front loader console (colors to match base frame)
- added custom front loader joystick (fully animated and backlit)
- in the store menu, a link to the corresponding combination "Front loader Quicke Q7M"
- Added reverse beep.
- Added reverse turn signals (but do not reflect, apparently a bug of the game itself)

As a "gift from Santa Claus" to the community, I present to you here my well-known Steyr Terrus CVT 600.
(known from the LS19), which has now found its way into the LS 22.

Version: - first release in LS22

This time Steyr will appear in a pack, this pack contains 2 identical models, differing only in the type of drive:
- Terrus 6300 - diesel with a tank capacity of 630 liters
- Terrus 6300 - methane with a tank volume of 950 liters

Each of the two models has the following configuration changes/options:
- Own ShopIcons of disc types
- new engine sound (for all smarties - both versions have vanilla hull sound)
- The display colors of the numbers on the main display and on the A-pillar are displayed in red for better readability.
- Light modes and a beacon in the cockpit at the top right (approximately at head level)
- Engine configurations with matching bonnet decals for types 6230 (288 hp) and 6300 (313 hp) - Steyr original performance data
- Canopy top and bottom color can be dyed with "base color" and "design color" in Giants' standard colors.
in Steyr colors in Chrome and Normal
- Rim colors can be selected in standard Giants colors as well as Steyr colors in Chrome and Normal.
- Seat color selectable in Steyr colors
- All new types of Giants tires installed (total 36 types of tires from brands: Trelleborg, Michelin, Continental, Mitas, BKT, Vredestein and Nokian)
- 5 selectable rotating beacons
- Daytime running lights in the form of "Angeeeyes" and "Angelwings"
- Installed pneumatic shocks (recognizable by the chrome horns on the hood)
- Fire extinguisher installed
- Installed standard license plates in Giants
- Suitable for AI assistants

Credits: Giants Colthicki


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