Steyr Profi CVT Series v1.0.0.0
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Mod Steyr Profi CVT Series v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

With the Profi-CVT series, Steyr is expanding its continuously variable tractor range downward. Four models cover the 115-145 hp power range. upgradeable to 175 hp Mainly because of the engine, they are among the best, because they are the most powerful and economical CVT tractors on the market. Models with a continuously variable transmission CVT are 12,000 euros more expensive than their Powershift counterparts, but the CVT transmission offers the highest levels of comfort when working and driving, and also significantly reduces the burden on the driver.

Engine: 4-cylinder turbocharged unit from FPT with common rail direct injection, maximum boost output 145-175 hp and a working volume of 4.5 liters.

Transmission: CVT dual-clutch transmission for the speed range 1-52 km / h, seamless power transfer from engine to wheels


Standard tires: Trelleborg TM700: 420 / 70R30 or TM800: 600 / 65R42, with or without counterweights

Wide 1: Trelleborg TM700: 480 / 70R30 or TM800: 650 / 65R42, with or without wheel weights

Wide 2: Trelleborg TM700: 520 / 70R30 or TM1060: 710 / 60R42, with or without wheel weights

Tire care: Trelleborg TM100: 270 / 95R32 or TM100: 270 / 95R48

Twin tires at the rear, narrow: Trelleborg TM100: 270 / 95R48

Twin rear tires: Trelleborg TM700: 520 / 70R38

Twin tires: Trelleborg TM700: 420 / 70R28 or TM700: 520 / 70R38

Front loader attachments: Quicke or Hauer

Base prices: € 112,000-127,000

Credits: Muehlviertel Modding, Giants


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