MTZ Pack v1.0.0.2
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Mod MTZ Pack v1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 2022

MTZ Pak FS 22 The package includes: -MTZ-80/82 / Beam bridge -MTZ-80/82 - stacker -MTZ-82 MES -200 -MTZ-80 - half-track -MTZ-80/82 EO-2621 -MTZ -80/82 PAF-1BM -MTZ-80x -SPS-4.2 - beet/potato loader-cleaner -RKS-2.6 - beet/potato harvester -HMP-1.8 - cotton harvester -2PTS-6 - cotton -BM-6B - haulm harvester -PKU Barnaul-0.8 -PKU Barnaul-0.8 with boom extension -Grab -Pitchfork -Dozer blade -Dozer blade for snow -PS-0.8 Stogomet -PKU-08-13 -PS-0.8 rake -SNU rake -550 trailed -SNU-550-12 rake -POM-630 -Universal bucket 0.8 cubic meters -Universal bucket 1 cubic meters -Universal bucket 1.2 cubic meters -MTZ triangle Configurations: - Choice of 4 engines; - The choice of tires; - The choice of the main color, design, gratings, cylinder, harvester, blade, body kit, cargo, hatch, cab; - Choice of decals, extra light, fenders, shields, numbers, cargo, mud flaps, heaters, blades, window protection, flags, extra. barrels, front hitch; - Other configurations; - Support for Simple IC script; - Support for moreConfiguration script; Version: - Added MTZ-80UK / 82UK Beam Bridge; - added MTZ-80/80UK Sprayers; - Added MTZ-82 Narew (Polish version) - Rust shader removed (mod will no longer be white); - Minor fixes and improvements; Version: - Added MTZ-82P/82UKP; - Added MTZ-82UK MES -200; - Added MTZ-80UK - half-track; - Added MTZ-80UK/82UK EO-2621; - Added MTZ-80UK/82UK PAF-1BM; - Added MTZ-80UKX; - Added MTZ-80/82 Export; - added MTZ-80UK SPS-4.2 - beet/potato loader-cleaner; - Added MTZ-80UK RKS-2.6 - beet/potato harvester - Added MTZ-80UK/82UK Stogomet SNU-550; - Added MTZ-80/82 Stogomet SNU-550; - Added MTZ-82 BX100; - Added MTZ-80MK/82MK; - Added 4 engine sounds; - Added launcher; - Added 4 front weights; - Added interior color selection; - Added a combination of vehicles; - Added the brand of Chervona Zirka; - Added Rake PF-0.5; - Added PPU-0.5 Pallet forks; - Added PPU-0.5 Big Bag; - Added PPU-0.5; - Added PPU-0.5 Trailer; - Added the name of the wheels; - Added new front tires for MTZ-80/82; - Added tire Ya-319, F-64, F-74; Change, improvement, correction: - Corrected the weight distribution of tractors; - Fixed Simple IC on MTZ-UK; - Fixed other little things; - Revived all the toggle switch tidy, - Changed the light to a more realistic, yellow; - Cut off and revived traction clutch, gas; - Fixed the grille of the new hood; - Added hydraulic hoses on the front hitch; - Minor fixes and improvements; - Added wiring to the front lighting; - Added an old hood under the turbine; - Minor fixes and improvements;

Credits: UssrModdingTeam


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