Massey Ferguson 6480 v1.2.0.0 (1.14.x)
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– Price: 29000;
– Engine configurations: 6460, 6475, 6480;
– Wheel configurations;
– Configurations of the front wings;
– BeaconLights configurations;
– Modification configurations (level 2 or level 3);
– Light panel configurations;
– Antenna configurations;
– RealGPS configuration;
– DashBoardLive configuration;
– Setting the shade of the rear windows;
– Front loader configurations;
– Front mounting configurations;
– Base/design/rim configurations;
– Support for Interactive management;
– RealGPS support;
– Dashboard live support;
– Passenger support.

In version 1.2:
- Fixed a problem with the front hydraulic connections when choosing the weight.
- Fixed a problem with the shadow on the roof (it did not cast a shadow before, but now it is fixed).

In version 1.1:
- Fixed all problems with the log
- Fixed headlights
- Fixed and redesigned support for passenger mods.
- Fixed the light intensity.
- Fixed turn signals
- Fixed dynamic hoses for the front nozzles.
- Fixed the attachment of the trailer for the front attacher.
- Fixed Windows cylinder animation.
- Fixed configuration names.
- Fixed issues with interactive controls.
- Added a tinting setting for the rear windows.
- Added new beacon configurations (added all types of beacons from the base game, for left, right or both sides)
- Added new glass textures.
- Added side windows that open IC.
- Added support for the RealGPS mod with customization for it.
- Added Dashboard Live support and customization for it.
- Added new interactive control icons.
- Added the configuration of the twin wheels at the rear.
- Added license plates of the base game.
- Added tractor inertia-moving antennas and configuration for them (left, right or both)
- Added LightsBar with headlights (when selected, the location of the front license plate changes)
- Some materials of some parts have been changed.
- Fixed the wear of some parts that had wear problems.
- Some unused i3d models/textures have been removed.

Credits: Starlexs, MaN


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