John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0.0.0
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Mod John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

The model is completely reworked and scaled, now everything is attached properly .. and I did a lot more, so enjoy :D

New sounds for John Deere 8x00 or 8x10 tractor with John Deere Powertech 8.1L engine. The right tractors for those sounds...
John Deere 8400: Built 1995-96
John Deere 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400: built 1997-99
John Deere 8110, 8210, 8310, 8410: 1999-2002 builds

Motor configuration.
(8100 1995=1996//8100 1997=1999//8110 1999=2002//8200 1995=1996//8200 1997=1999//8210 1999=2002//8110 1999=2002//8300 1995/3096 199 //8310 1999=2002//8400 1995=1996//8400 1997=1999//8410 1999=2002)
Wheel brand config.
(Firsetone-Michelin-GoodYear-Trelleborg-Michelin AxioBib-Michelin AxiobBIb2-Michelin CereXBib2-Mitas-Mitas-BKT,Continental,Vredestein)
Wheel configuration.
(Standard-Wide)(+)(With Wheel Weights1)(+)(Dual Rear Wheels)/(Dual Wheels)/(Dual (Rear) Wheels+Weights)
Front attachment configuration.
(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-front hydraulic)
The mod is fully animated (pedals, reverse, transmission, throttles...)
(opening door, rear window, opening steps, seat box, warning signs in US version, ball joints, tilt cab light, steering turn, steering shift..)
New details
!!The log is clean and without errors, the mod is also tested on MP!!

Credits: z7Cola


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