Fiat 1300DT Rebuild v1.0.0.0
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Mod Fiat 1300DT Rebuild v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Power: 132-185 HP
Cylinder: 6-cylinder, displacement 7.4 liters.
Base Price: $24,000
Year built: 1973

The Fiat 1300 was the largest tractor in the Fiat Nastro d'Oro series when it was first introduced in 1973.
Until it was replaced by the Fiat 1300 Super in 1976, its huge naturally aspirated 7.4L OM engine developed 132 hp. at 2100 rpm.
This is, of course, the legend of a mighty tractor.

Compared to the standard Fiat 1300dt, the following has been changed:
- front axle / track width increased to match the rear
- realistically possible wheel configurations for all suitable brands (and there are quite a few wheel configurations and combinations)
- frame and engine color changed to brown like the original instead of gray (also optional blue, although this particular tractor never had the blue chassis that some rebuilt tractors originally had)
- made new wheels
- made new hubs on the front axle
- additional front 3-point hitch and front PTO

The following configurations have also been added:
- various material/color configurations for cab, rims and fenders
- chassis material configuration
- engine configurations: default, chrome/open pipe, turbocharger (with turbocharger visible), turbocharger with intercooler (other air filter visible from outside)
- various wheel configurations
- config for front 3-point and front 3-point with PTO

Physics adjusted according to MoreRealistic calculations.

Doors and windows (including opening/closing sounds) are animated.
If the SimpleIC mod is enabled (PC only), then the MouseControl will be automatically deactivated and the animation will be done via SimpleIC.

Credits: Kramer14(FD)


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