FENDT 900 VARIO S4 V1.0.0.1
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Fendt 900 Vario from LS19 with Simple IC


RDA is only available for BKT, Continental and Vredestein.

The RDA may not be the most beautiful, but it can be used as a decoration in photos.

RDA has no function

This is my Fendt 900 Vario S4 from LS19.


tire manufacturer

bus option

Execution: Powerful, professional. About+

Lighting: Standard, Hella/LED

Beacons: default, left, right, both

Wings: standard, wide

Carpet: yes, no

Warning signs: Yes, no

Engine Version: 930, 933, 936, 939

main color

Design Color (exhaust trim)

rim color

The mod supports:

precision farming

Simple IC


With the Simple IC, you can open the door, sunroof and rear window, and the flashing lights and steering column can be folded.

License plates work with a generator

Joysticks and turn signal levers are animated.

Sound converted from LS19

When publishing a mod, use the original link!

There are tolerances for installed parts :)

(Warning signs from Bayern-Agrar)

(Radiator grille from ls.pics.by.paul)

Credits: ls_rl_pics_by_ben


Download41,5 Мb

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