FENDT 700 VARIO S4 V1.0.0.0
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The Fendt 700 Vario S4 is a powerful, modern and efficient middle class tractor of the latest generation that Fendt produced before the Fendt ONE. Power: 144-246 HP Cost: 162.000 USD Engine configuration: - Fendt Vario 714 - Fendt Vario 716 - Fendt Vario 718 - Fendt Vario 720 - Fendt Vario 722 - Fendt Vario 724 Other configurations: - Edition (Power, PowerPlus, ProfiPlus) - Front Parts - Beacon lights - Front Fenders - Edition (designer line) - mirrors Animation: - This tractor is prepared with mouse controls to open the door, rear window and roof window. - Beacon lights and warning signs are added using the N and X keys. This tractor is prepared for precision farming with customizable yield sensors.

Credits: MoosAgrar


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