FENDT 250 GT v1.1.0.0
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Mod FENDT 250 GT v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Another evolutionary leap began with the start of production of the F 250 GT. With the underground motor from MWM, the motor disappeared from the driver's field of vision.

Thanks to the new engine layout, the visibility of the middle axle and front attachments has been significantly improved.

In addition, the equipment of the Farmer S series has been adjusted, which means that it had the technology of a standard tractor as an implement carrier.

Unfortunately, Fendt's GTA series is no longer in production.

- Fendt 250 GT

Price: 14500 €

Power: 45-48h

Maximum speed: 32 km/h


-Cultivator 2m working width price: 1500 €

-Cultivator 3m working width price: 2500 €

-Plow with a working width of 2 m price: 3200 €

- Seeder with a working width of 2 m and a volume of 500 liters price: 2750 €

- Einkornsähmaschiene with a working width of 3 m and a volume of 560 liters price: 4500 €

- Price of Stoll Super front loader: 3000 €

- Two platform options to choose from, 2500 liters, 3500 liters price: 1330 €

Devices must be carried manually under the GT in order to be able to attach them (except for the planter).

The crossbar loader Baas72n33 is also suitable. Be careful with the open swivel axle of the front loader! Simple chip supported

Unfortunately, there are currently no ratchet straps.

Credits: Polofreak211 LgE Team


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