DT-75 Kazakhstan v1.0.0.1
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Mod DT-75 Kazakhstan v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

Universal caterpillar tractor 3 traction class, aggregated with various variations of equipment and attachments

Plant manufacturer: ROSTSELMASH
Model: 75
Engine: A-41
Price: 7550 €
Engine power: 90 HP
Maximum speed: 11 km/h

Additional options:
- Front counterweight selection
- Choice of engine shields
- Choice of lighting equipment
- Choice of fire extinguisher location
- Color choice: blue, red, yellow, orange
- Panel color selection: white, blue, red, yellow, orange, service blue
- Choice of roof color: white, blue, red, yellow, orange
- Choice of hood color: white blue, red, yellow, orange
- Choice of roller colors: blue, red, yellow, orange, black, green

List of changes
- Added blade
- Sound format translated to gls
- Brand change to ROSTSELMASH

Credits: Razor Modding Team


Download52.49 MB

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