CLAAS XERION 5500 V1.1.0.7
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Here is Claas Xerion 4500-5000 from patch 1.4. Version There shouldn't really be an update, but I'll do it because there is one user or another who will be happy about it. Scanners now have a color selection by default Crawler in the chassis config is set to 3 colors to choose from You can pick up a chain in the front mass You can choose the color of the necklace Unfortunately I can't release it from LS 19, but I would like to make it available to you as new. This is still a work in progress because some things have already been installed/processed. Primary color selection Choice of roof color Choice of weight color smoke resumed Updated decals 4500 and 5000 Updated Xerion Roof Decals Stoplight fixed and adjusted Installed classic config Speed ​​changed to 80HM Trelleborg wide tires added. Added wide Michelin tires Added Michelin 2 wide tires added new store image Mod in its category Added real mud color

Credits: Alex Blue, GIANTS


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