Case IH Magnum Series 2018 v1.0.0.1
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In version
- Fixed the Quadtrac wide wheel option.

The classic 2018 Case IH Large Frame Magnum series, which includes 58 wheel configurations, Quadtrac configurations, 5 engine configurations, front attachments configurations, quick coupling option, folding side turn indicators, additional dashboard lights, additional monitors in the cockpit, animation in the cockpit, opening doors and windows. and improved sounds!

- Base price 260,000$
- Engine configurations (PowerDrive and CVT)
250-320 hp.
280-350 hp
310-380 hp
340-410 hp
380-435 hp
- 58 wheel configurations, including variants of the Quadtrac prototype
- Models and textures of lizard wheels from Custom Modding.
- Red, black, gray and white body colors.
- Rim color configurations
- Color configurations of seats
- Wing configurations
- Configurations of beacons
- Front weight configurations
- Front mounting configurations
- Rear hitch configurations
- Window tinting configurations
- Additional lightweight configurations
- Monitor configurations in the cabin
- Compatible with Real Dashboard (PC only)
- Compatible with Demco Sidequest 1200 tanks from Custom Modding!
- Prepared passenger seat from Kubota DLC.
- Prepared with a crop sensor from the Precision Farming DLC.

Credits: KarlFarms


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