WindyLoads v0.0.5.0
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Mod WindyLoads v0.0.5.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

For all friends more realistic game style. Some loads can be blown away by strong winds when transported in open trailers or other vehicles.

first implementation of a particle system for blowing effect. See mod description for restrictions

fix bug in addSpecialization function in RegisterSpecialization.lua (line 80)

- added more description text
- added ability to define minimum required speed above which loads will be blown off in modDesc.xml
- added a global impact factor, which is multiplied by the results of the internal calculation of the impact velocities. It can be configured via modDesc.xml. Standard 1.0, which is equal to 100%. Setting this value to zero will actually disable the mod. Higher values increase the strength of the wind effect.
- script now includes the ability to exclude vehicles based on user configuration from modDesc.xml

The strength of this effect depends on the type of load as well as on the fill level of the corresponding vehicle. A fully filled trailer will be much more affected by the mod than a partially filled trailer. High speeds have an overly proportional effect on impact force. Closing the trailer lid prevents loss of cargo. So if the vehicle does not have a cover, you should think about what to transport with it.

The package includes an .xsd file that describes the allowed modDesc.xml configuration options.

Credits: Bikercelle, Sushifresser


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