Sell Price Trigger v1.2.1.3
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Mod Sell Price Trigger v1.2.1.3 for Farming Simulator 2022

List of changes:
Great fix for the demand icon
Point of sale and storage level for selected items
Russian translation
Fix for 1.4
Excluding own production unit
Key bindings for UI buttons (for gamepad)
Added support for farm prices
Settings added/moved to general settings and game settings for servers
Added multiplayer support
Added +/- 50 buttons
Added current price and trend (growth or fall) to the table

Tired of constantly monitoring the prices of goods manually in order to have the highest possible profit? Or don't you do it at all? You're in luck because there's a Sell Price Trigger (SPT) to help you out!
All product prices are presented in such a way that it is possible to determine which price is good and which is not. The overview shows what was the historical lowest, highest, all-time average, and even high demand price.
Average prices are calculated every game hours.

You can then set a trigger price and you will be notified when the price at any sell point exceeds that point.

If you are playing in multiplayer mode, price monitoring can be configured as a general one for everyone, or for each farm.
Permissions can be set in multiplayer for farm managers or for everyone. These multiplayer settings are available only to the server administrator in the game settings tab.
In the general settings tab, all users can set notification settings there.
The set trigger prices are saved/synchronized with the server only by pressing the "OK" button.
The reset of the high demand and Min/Avg/Max values ​​is carried out and stored immediately after pressing the reset button.

You can change the notification color by editing the RGB (0.0-1.0) in the XML in the game's save directory (singleplayer) or in the XML in the modSettings directory (multiplayer).

Credits: Tunis


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