Precision Farming Anhydrous Ready v1.1.0.3
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Mod Precision Farming Anhydrous Ready v1.1.0.3 for Farming Simulator 2022
List of changes
– FIX Nh3 Application rates (90 kg N/ha) CAN BE INCREASED MANUALLY
- Intercrops increased from 25% N to 75% N.
- Wheat %N level reduction by 20%N is now 40%N
So now STRAW (25%N) + RYE (75%N) is really worth it (100%N/back to soil).
Make your virtual farm greener and more sustainable: the Precision Farming Anhydrous Ready mod introduces new game mechanics based on real smart farming technologies. This includes four different soil types and soil sampling, economic analysis and environmental assessment for your farm.
Yield sensors and various mechanisms to dynamically increase yields and care for crops will help you save seeds, lime, fertilizers, herbicides, fuel and, in the end, money. All this while reducing the impact of your activities on the environment. The John Deere R732i PowrSpray, ISARIA Scout and ISARIA PRO Active expand your arsenal of sustainable farming tools.
The new Precision Farming tab in the menu gives you all the information you need to optimize yields and take control of your finances and how you manage your farm. Soil map with special filters shows you the current state of your soil and every action you take is reflected in the economic analysis overview. At the same time, your farm's environmental score shows how environmentally friendly your work is. It is calculated based on factors such as reduced tillage, nitrogen levels, weed control using spot spraying technology, and others.

Credits: GIANTS Software, Loki_79


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