Manual Attach v2.2.0.0
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Mod Manual Attach v2.2.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

List of changes
- Added a separate hose type check to only disable features for each type.
- Added support for custom hoses
- Several bug fixes

This mod forces you to attach/detach tools and trailers manually.

Attach/detach implements:
When attaching an implement, the script forces the implement to remain in the lowered state. Some exceptions are made for wheel loaders, skid steers, excavators, telehandlers, harvesters and hooklift attachments. You can still attach and detach these weapons from the comfort of your vehicle.
Note. The connecting hoses and power take-off for these attachments still need to be manually connected.*
The implement must first be lowered in order to detach! Also make sure the power take-off and connecting hoses are disconnected before disconnecting the attachment.

The mod disables attaching and detaching from inside the vehicle (exceptions noted above). As the name of the mod suggests, quick switching between guns is no longer possible. Pull that car out for real this time!

Attach/disconnect power take-off:
Press Z to attach/detach the power take-off.

Keep in mind that the tool needs a power take-off, otherwise it cannot be switched on!

Connecting/disconnecting connecting hoses:
Hold Z (shortly) to connect/disconnect connection hoses.

Without connecting hoses connected, the following may occur:
- You will not be able to control hydraulics (e.g. moving parts, folding, using ridge markers, etc.)
- You won't be able to use the light.
- The brakes will be blocked.

Credits: Wopster


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