Enlarge Field Yield v1.0.1
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Mod Enlarge Field Yield v1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022
Usage: Install as normal mod.
Preset settings:
wheat - 10x magnification
barley - 8 times more
oats - an increase of 6 times
cotton - 2 times increase
rapeseed - 6x magnification
sunflower - 4 times more
soybeans - an increase of 10 times
corn - an increase of 6 times
potatoes - 2 times increase
sugar beet - 2 times increase
oil radish - 2 times more
poplar - 2 times increase
sugar cane - 2 times increase
grass - an increase of 6 times
dry grass - 6 times increase
Reduced seed usage for some crops.
Fertilizer use is also reduced to a minimum.
Style to be done next:
1. Install the mod and start the game. This will generate a settings file which you can find here:
"C: \ Users \ {username} \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ modsSettings \ EnlargeFieldYield \ EnlargeFieldYieldSettings.xml"
2. Open the expandgeFieldYieldSettings.xml file and edit the following attributes:
For crops:
- seedUsagePerSqm - control the amount of used seeds. Smaller value => fewer seeds will be used.
- litrePerSqm - crop checksum. Lower value => lower yield you want to get.
For fertilizers:
- litresPerSecond - control the amount of used fertilizers. Smaller value => less fertilizer will be used ..
Attributes such as defaultSeedUsagePerSqm, defaultLiterPerSqm, defaultLitersPerSecond I give for orientation what is in the vanilla game.
The log is clean. Works in multiplayer.

Credits: McKnight


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