Easy Development Controls v1.2.0.0
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Mod Easy Development Controls v1.2.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Easy Development Controls is designed as a testing tool for modders, cartographers and content creators. It can also help with gameplay settings or how you want to play the game.

- Vehicle page: The "Set fill level" function now remembers the last settings until the vehicle exits or is changed.
- Vehicles Page: The "Delete Vehicles" function will no longer delete pallets.
- Objects Page: The "Remove Pallets" feature will now include pallet mods using custom vehicle types. Note. Vehicle types should still include the current pallet specialization (Pallet, BigBag or TreeSaplingPallet) and exclude the "Wheels" and "Input" specializations.
- Function headers will now be resized so that longer languages can be used.
- Changes in formatting of some texts.
- Added Turkish (tr) translations.
- Added Norwegian (no) translations.

List of changes
- Fixed a bug where loading a saved game with "Easy Development Controls" active was not possible if time was stopped while saving.
- Fixed a bug where the "Production States" could not be changed on the "Hosted Objects" screen after using the "Reboot" function.
- Fixed incorrect display of the "foot" measurement when the value was > 1 for the length of the log (only for users with game settings Fahrenheit).
- The cotton pallet was removed from the spawn list due to incompatibility.
- Show the location of bales is now compatible with balers and bale loaders using the specializations of the base game.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.
- Added 'defaultUserSettings.xml ', the default user settings will be loaded from this file in multiplayer and when launching a new single player game.
The XML file will be created when uploaded to the address: "/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/modSettings/FS22_EasyDevControls".
- Added Czech (cz) translations.
- Added French (fr) translations.
- Added Russian (ru) translation.
- Added Polish/Polish (pl) translations.
- Added translations to Brazilian Portuguese (br).

It includes some features already available through the game console commands, but now easily accessible, as well as many new features added.

Most of the features support use in a multiplayer game, and you can also configure permission levels for some teams. Now this also includes existing console commands that used to work only for the host.

Some quality of life features have also been added as follows.

- Teleport: Quickly move yourself or vehicles around the map by choosing a place on the map, field number or x/z coordinates.
- Flip Vehicles: Allows the user to easily adjust the vertical rotation of the vehicle.
- Superpower: increases the carrying capacity of players and the range of capture.
- Hud Visibility: Shows and hides the entire hud, you can also activate key binding for faster access.
- Show the location of the bales: All bales belonging to the farm will be displayed on the map.
- Show the location of the pallets: This will display on the map all the pallets belonging to the farm.
- Accelerated growth: moves all crops to the next stage of growth.

Thanks to the expanded set of features and a lot of planned new features in Easy Development Controls, everyone will find something for themselves.

Credits: GtX


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