Dashboard Live v1.0.0.0
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Mod Dashboard Live v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Dashboard Live (abbreviated: DBL) allows you to display all kinds of information on your on-board computers and/or dashboards of all types of tractors, regardless of brand.

Zoom feature included for better viewing of displays:
- Left Shift + Space: Short zoom
- Both Shift + Spacebar: Permanent zoom on/off

If supported in the vehicle, the right Alt key and the left/right arrow can be used to scroll through the displays.

In a multiplayer game, DBL synchronizes engine temperature, fuel and air consumption from the server to the clients.

What can be displayed?

Main game:
- Condition of the front and rear hitch
- Status of attachments and trailers
- Fill levels
- Compass course
- Display of the current active weapon

Vehicle control addon:
- Differential lock status
- AWD status
- Keep your speed
- GPS status

Improved car:
- Differential lock status
- AWD status

- GPS status
- Working width
- GPS track

Cape management:
- Status
- Field/headland mode

- All ProSeed HUD displays

All supported mods are optional.

Important: Dashboard Live must first be built into vehicles to integrate features and displays.
A rough installation guide is included, and video tutorials will be available soon.

Credits: Glowins Modschmiede


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