Courseplay v7.4.1.1 (1.13.x)
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Multiplayer is supported since version!

What works:
– Course generation;
– Field work, but without replenishment and unloading, except for self-unloading of the combine;
– Saving/Loading courses;
– A car convoy.
– Field work and grapevine with courses from the course generator.
– Course Manager for saving/loading/renaming/moving and deleting courses.
– Winding and collecting bales with and without running.
– Unloading of combines by unloaders.
– Creating piles of sugar beet or other fruits in the field using the unloader of the combine.
– Unloading of silo loaders such as ROPA Maus, after which it allows AD or Giants to unload the trailer.
– Sealing the silo hopper or pushing the floor into the back of the silo.
– Self-unloading of the combine into nearby trailers.
– Field work using up to 5 vehicles in one course (multi-tool course).
– Create custom fields by writing a course or drawing on an AI map.
– Course Editor for editing fieldwork courses or custom field boundaries.
– Support for mods from AutoDrive:
Sending a field driver to replenish stocks of seeds/fertilizers and so on.
Sending a field worker/baler to unload the collected straw, etc.
Sending a field driver for refueling or repairs.
– Support for the bale collector mod for:
Pallet Autoload Specialization
Universal Autoload

Credits: CourseDev


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