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Courseplay allows you to create field courses with additional features such as headlands. Also allows you to run balers and forage trailers on the same path as a mower or combine. Another important feature is the collection or packing of bales on the field. New to this iteration of Courseplay is vine field work. Field work courses can be set up in multi-tool mode, allowing up to 5 workers to work on the same field. It is also possible to automatically unload the combine into a trailer on or near the field. Custom field boundaries can be assigned for use in the course, for example: in the case of a meadow that is not recognized as a normal field. Finally, Courseplay has an interface for Autodrive that allows you to refuel your planter at the nearest point of purchase or unload a forage trailer, and so on. CoursePlay doesn't replace the in-game worker system, it creates a new AI worker that can work side by side with your normal farm workers. Support for multiplayer game from version and above! What is currently working - Course generation; - Field work on the generated course; - Field work in the vineyards on the generated course; - Refueling or unloading with AutoDrive; - Self-unloading of the combine; - Wrapping and collecting bales with or without course; - Saving / loading / renaming / moving courses; - Creation of custom fields with writing or drawing on the AI ​​map; - Automobile convoy. Using the mod: In the main menu, in the AI ​​Helper section (steering wheel icon), the task "CP: Work in the field" is available. Once you select it, select the target position you want to work at and the "CP: Open/Close Course Generator" button. Create a course and get started. Mini GUI can be opened on the Delete key combination.

Push release
fix for #2117
fix for #2127
can help with #2123
fixed a bug that caused AD not to wait for the bunker bunker driver to reach the parking spot
some more improvements, adjustments and fixes for the bunker silo driver

Credits: devTeam


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