CoursePlay v7.0.0.17
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Mod CoursePlay v7.0.0.17 for Farming Simulator 2022
The well-known script Kurspley! You can say the main au pair! Now available on Farm 22!
This is probably the most popular mod in the game. The Kursplay script makes it possible in the game to create routes and tasks for various kinds of equipment, and then complete them. This means that by creating a route for your tractor, or, for example, a truck, it will independently perform the specified work without your further participation. As you can imagine, this is much more interesting and, moreover, more functional than the standard hired workers in FS 2022.
After downloading and installing the Courseplay modification into the Farmer Simulator 22 game, you will be able to create routes for various agricultural equipment. As an example, if you need to send a tractor for some kind of work: plowing the land, sowing a future crop or harvesting it, then you just need to indicate the field number. A truck can be taught to deliver some of your goods for sale or transport goods from point B to point A. It all depends on your imagination, because the script has many possibilities.
How to use the Kursplay mod in FS 22?
Nothing complicated really! After you have downloaded and installed this mod, you need to press the following key combination: Ctrl plus Delete. A menu in Russian should appear before your eyes. Everything in it is quite simple and clear. But, in short, it all comes down to creating a route for the unit of equipment you need and its further reproduction, that is, you indicate where to go, which route, and what to do in the end.
True, there is one BUT: the first time, to create a route, you will have to drive it yourself. Thus, you specify the points to follow, turns, etc. Well, then the technician will already remember the route and your actions and will be able to move independently.

For today actual / last official - v7.0.0.17

Credits: devTeam


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