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Call time! This Challenge Mode mod provides everything you need to create your own challenge. The user interface of the game with an additional password for configuring a set of rules and values according to your needs. The password can only be changed by the server administrator. To get a point, you can set the following values: - How much money (without credits). - How many liters of each fruit. - The area you own (HA). - Animals when grown up. Additional rules: - How many points are needed to win - Storage limit. Anything above this value will not be counted. - The limit of assistants is 0-6. - Animal husbandry 0-6. - Rent equipment for the mission and the store / only in the store, or turn it off altogether. - Disable certain types of missions. - Set the mission limit on the farm from 0 to 8 missions active at the same time. - Credit on/off/limited to the specified value. - Mark vehicles and tools as starting ones, so as not to count them in points. - Add or decrease farm points with an indication of the reason (for example, victory in a trial, punishment) with a full log! The reason can be displayed by double-clicking the entry. - Hide a farm that does not participate in the test (for example, a Contractor). This farm will have maximum limits, it is allowed to hire assistants and rent vehicles. What is planned in the future: - Integration of a mod with a limited daily income into a set of rules to configure these restrictions in the same user interface. We suggest you use the server 24/7 to use the mod with a limited daily income, for greater fairness. - Added the ability to reduce points if the farm has a credit - Added the ability to control whether the farm can view the scores of other farms

Credits: Courseplay.devTeam, tn4799


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TAGS:challenge, v1.2.0.0, Mode