AutoDrive v2.0.1.0
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Mod AutoDrive v2.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

This mod can be used to create a network of routes allowing vehicles to drive on their own. Once set up, you can tell the vehicle to move through the network to any point, such as a store, field 1, or a point of sale.
Create, add, edit, delete your own routes or destinations with the handy built-in editor!
Compared to the first versions, several usage modes have been added that can be combined using the well-known "Courseplay".

Release (03/12/2023):
Bug fixes and improvements:
- HUD status (open/closed) not saved #765
- experimental setting "Stow guns" was not saved #829 #837
- User settings were only partially saved on servers
- after the start of the game, cars could not leave the fields directly with AutoDrive enabled #793
- Checked only filling types from stock, but are they also available for loading trigger (e.g. diesel for production, but cars wanted to fill up there) #792
- Do not move when the trailer is empty but not fully folded.
- Planes are now also closed before departure
- Fixed a problem with loading a wagon that could not be unloaded under certain circumstances #764
- on a tractor with a field sprayer and an additional tank, both are not filled #781
- Improved reverse when loading / unloading:

AD no longer moves back until the destination is reached if it was possible to load/unload beforehand, but continues with the next task.
if the point of loading / unloading is a parking lot, a second attempt to approach it is not made.
- Improved water loading when the vehicle itself and the trailer can load water.
- Improved detection of bunker silos
- Forward collision detection is deactivated in drive-through silos because bulk cargo also has package #725.
- With distributed upload, the counter decreases with each upload process
- Distributed unloading is only unloaded at the first actuation within the distance from the silo, even if there are several actuations ("greenhouse jerks")
- Improved descent for threshers and diggers on uneven fields (hills/slopes of fields)
- Optimization for skier getting stuck on certain terrain slopes
- Reworked collision calculation with respect to new collision flags LS22 #772.
- when recording a branch, a return line could not be recorded directly #790
- Mods with incorrect AI entries result in error #828

- AD checks for correct filename ""
if the ZIP file does not have the correct name, a warning message appears
- Detected traffic lights with collision (AI_Blocking) #780
- Added detection of firewood unload triggers (but can't be used for unloading yet)
- The wagon with bales is unloaded at the destination
vanilla bale vans now unload at the target point, trigger is no longer needed
It stops at its destination, starts unloading, waits at least 20 seconds, drives forward 4 meters, folds up, and only then moves on.
MP: Due to timing issues on the Giants side, it is possible that the bale loader remains upright after the end of the unloading process (no bags)

Credits: Stephan-S


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