Seedpotato Farm Buildings Pack v1.0.0.0
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Mod Seedpotato Farm Buildings Pack v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

A large arable farm that specializes in growing and distributing seed potatoes for use by other farmers. This set contains productions, buildings and new types of fruits that are compatible with the vehicle set, but can also be used separately.

Products and pallets:

- Potato waste (Price -70%)
- Seed potatoes (Price - no change)
-Premium Potatoes (Price +40%)
- Seed potatoes in bags (Price +12%)
-Packed (25 kg) premium potatoes (price +63%)
- Waste potatoes in bags - Not for sale, used as pig feed.

Price changes are compared to regular potatoes, please note that these prices may fluctuate relative to each other.


-Sorting shed
Large shed that includes a sorting yard with sorter and packer, a storage room for machines and 2 cold rooms where potatoes can be stored for winter processing.

Large shed with 4 cold rooms where you can store potatoes for winter processing.

-Shop atomizers
A shipping container that the farm has converted with a fuel tank inside, water tanks on top, and shelves for storing chemicals. It holds 30,000 liters in total so you can split it however you like.

A shipping container that the farm converted into a workshop.

A small stand-alone potato grading machine that can be placed in an existing building.

- Sorter big
Large standalone potato grading and packaging machine that can be installed in an existing building.

Selling points:

-Farmer's market expanded
Allows you to sell Junk Potatoes, Seed Potatoes, and Premium Potatoes, along with all other base crops that the Farmer's Market accepts.

- Supermarket Advanced
Allows you to sell Premium potatoes along with all other base crops that the supermarket accepts.

-BGA 99 kW advanced
Allows you to turn potato waste into electricity, methane and digestate.

-Sellpointsmall from 1 to 4
A set of small sell points that can be placed without disturbing the ground, each point accepting different fill types and point 4 accepting all of them.
1 pound sterling

Credits: Dazed


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