ProductionRevamp Productions v1.2.0.1
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Mod ProductionRevamp Productions v1.2.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

Basic package for production with ProductionRevamp.

List of changes:
v1.2.0.1 modified lime plant internal storage and production line, added visible stacks of empty pallets in greenhouses, requires an adjusted version of Revamp
v1.2.0.0 improvement of the lime plant. Now supports Productiondisplay on output. Registers lime in retail outlets. Added limestone crusher as invisible production, added fermenting tower with bale generator.
v1.1.0.0 Silofermenter can be renamed
v1.0.1.0 Integrated hay dryer, small fixes
Initial release of Modhub v1.0.0.0

This package contains fully functional products that can be used as is. In addition, it serves to demonstrate the various possibilities of ProductionRevamp. This mod requires (v1.2.0.16 or higher)

Biogas plants:
BGAs and greenhouses use different gains. BGA mainly works with silo. Adding liquid manure or manure increases all yields by 30% each. The addition of sugar beet pulp increases all yields by 20% each. Additives behave additively, that is, when manure, liquid manure and beet pulp are added, the yield increases by 30% + 30% + 20%, i.e. in total by 80%.

Greenhouses use water, seeds, solid fertilizers and empty pallets. There are also multipliers used here. In standard mode, greenhouses only need water to start production. Adding seeds increases production by 100%. The addition of solid fertilizer increases productivity by 100%, the addition of empty pallets increases productivity by another 40%. This means that you can increase your production by up to 240%. A large greenhouse can also produce tree seedlings. I had to make Empty Pallet Production ( required here otherwise you'll get a warning when you don't have it. It only needs to be installed, of course, you can also use your own. The number of empty pallets in the internal storage is displayed as stacks next to the greenhouse.

Feed mixer:
The feed mixer explains the use of mixing groups. The following resources are required: potatoes, sugar beets, sugar beet pulp, sorghum, corn, wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflowers, hay, straw and silage. Only one ingredient (sequence as in the recipe list) is used in the mix group. Only when the first ingredient in the group is consumed is the second ingredient in the group used. There is also a built-in grass dryer.

Silo Fermenter:
In this silo fermenter, grass, straw or chaff is fermented into silage. If you also add the optional ensiling agent, the output will increase by 5%.
40,000 liters of grass or 40,000 liters of straw are converted into 40,000 liters of silage. The addition of a silage additive increases production by 5%. For demo purposes, there is an additional version where you can also create bales.

lime plant:
The production combines 2 production lines. Lime can be produced from water and straw, or from water and stones. Therefore, water is indispensable, either stones or straw/wood chips are used. Stones are used first, once they are used up, production automatically uses the second ingredient in the group, in this case straw/wood chips. After production, lime can be taken in bulk. On the trigger output, you now have a production display and the lime will be automatically registered in some outlets. Buying stones is disabled for this production.

Production of solid fertilizers and seeds:
In this production, you can produce manure-based solid fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers or digestate. To produce seeds, you need solid fertilizers and grains. You can use wheat, barley or oats.
500 liters of solid fertilizer and 500 liters of wheat, barley or oats are converted into 1000 liters of seeds. Grain will be used either, or.
500 liters of manure and 500 liters of liquid manure or digestate are converted into 1000 liters of solid fertilizer. Either liquid manure or digestate will be used here.

limestone crusher:
This stone crusher produces lime. It is designed to run in the background without being displayed in the production overview. It starts automatically and has 2 displays, one for entry and one for exit. The crusher has a capacity of 40,000 liters per hour and an input and output capacity of 500,000 liters.

Available productions:
Small greenhouse:
Price: 3.000 $
Daily maintenance: $30/day

Greenhouse environment:
Price: 5.000 $
Daily maintenance: $50/day

Greenhouse big:
Price: 10.000 $
Daily maintenance: $100/day

BGA 99kW:
Price: 435.000 $

BGA 250kW:
Price: 875.000 $

BGA 500kW:

for: 1.180.000 $

Feeder for feed and feed for pigs:
Price: 60.000 $
Daily maintenance: $150/day

Silo Fermenter:
Price: 45.000 $
Daily maintenance: $35/day

Silo fermenter with bales:
Price: 45.000 $
Daily maintenance: $35/day

lime plant:
Price: 20.000 $

Production of solid fertilizers and seeds:
Price: 50.000 $
Daily maintenance: $35/day

limestone crusher:
Price: 10.000 $

Required mods:
- Empty pallet production (from: TethysSaturn)
- Modernization of production (From: Braeven)

Credits: TethysSaturn


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