Potato Processing v1.1.0.0
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Mod Potato Processing v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

List of changes
Error correction:
- Fixed problems with transporting pallets of cucumbers, onions and peppers with a forklift due to a damaged collider.
- Prevented unintentional distribution of products that can be processed as part of potato processing to the supermarket.

Gameplay Changes:
- Vegetable fat, premium potatoes and cornstarch can no longer be sold in the supermarket.
- Increased production speed of peppers in the greenhouse.
- Some recipes have been slightly changed.
- Adjusted sale prices for some items.
- Farm Wholesale now accepts more products.

Potato processing
Potato processing puts the emphasis on potatoes and makes growing potatoes fun!
Process your potatoes along with numerous agricultural products into new potato-based products.
In addition to the main production building, there are new greenhouses and located points of sale.

New buildings:
- Potato processing:
A placeable production building that processes potatoes and some other agricultural products.
Price: $80,000

- Greenhouses:
Medium and large greenhouses where lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, cucumbers and peppers are grown.
Price: 5000$ - 10.000$

- Wholesale trade by farmers:
A hosted outlet where potato-based products and other agricultural products can be sold directly.
Price: 1$

- Farmer's Supermarket:
A cozy building that generates income every hour by selling goods directly to the buyer.
The profit is about 30% higher than direct selling. However, the number of sales per day is limited.
Price: $80,000
Storage space for each product: 4000 liters

Manufactured products:
- Premium potatoes
- food starch
- vegetable fat
- French fries
- Potato gratin
- Fried potatoes
- Puree
- Potato soup
- Pepper chips
- Potato pancakes
- Stuffed baked potatoes
- Potato salad
- Croquettes
- Onion
- Pepper
- Cucumbers

=> Information and tips:
For further processing of products within the processing of potatoes, the production of these products must be switched to "distribution" so that the plates are not thrown away.
The supermarket has limited storage space for each product (4000 liters) and generates revenue every hour. Since the supermarket is technically a production, the production lines must be activated once in order for the stored products to be sold.

Credits: HarrisonFork


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